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  • Setting Up an Account

    Please create an account with us! You will have an access to features such as checking your order status online and reordering previously purchased items from the past purchase history, that otherwise would not be available.

  • Product Search

    Use our search engine located at the very top of the homepage to find the product you are looking for. You can also enter the item number and locate it in the search box.

  • Browse

    Use our customer friendly browsing tools to help with your product search for products, sales, brands, and other categories in the middle of the home page.

  • Do your probiotic products ship refrigerated?

    No, they do not. The products are stored in a temperature-controlled environment, but they are not refrigerated.

  • Guarantee on Products

    We strive to select the best products for our customers that come with the best quality, value, and services. If you are interested in some products that we do not currently offer, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

  • To Add Items to the Shopping Cart

    • Click on the item that you are interested in, then click on the “Add to Cart”.
    • For your convenience you can change the quantity of your selected items in your shopping cart by simply entering the preferred quantity into the quantity field and click on “Add to Cart.”
    • You can easily add and remove items during the checkout process.
    • Once we receive your order, we will send you the confirmation number.

  • Adding and Deleting Items after Placing an Order

    You can add or delete some items that you change your mind about after placing an order, but please keep in mind, that we will have to charge your credit card again. We don’t do that without your approval, so please contact us in regarding this matter by phone. Thank you!

  • Out of Stock Items

    We reserve the right to discontinue services or products. (Please refer to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer). Product availability and prices are subject to change without notice. Additionally, we are not responsible for misprints and some typographical errors.

  • Backorder

    If the waiting period for the backorder items is relatively short (1-3 business days) we will hold your order until the items arrive.

    If they will arrive at a later time, we will split your order and mail them later. You will not be charged shipping charges on the backorder.

  • Tracking Your Order

    You can track your order by simply visiting the checking status of your order link. Once your order is shipped, the confirmation number will be given to you to check the status of the shipped item.

    We would recommend that you provide us your email address to forward your order confirmation number. If you wish to not share your mail address, please save your confirmation number for locating your item.

  • Forms of Payment

    We accept Visa, Discover, American Express, and Master card via Paypal.

  • Reordering Product from the Past Purchase History

    Go to “My Account”, log in, and select “Prior Purchases.” You can select items from the retrieved list of purchases you made in the past and place them in your shopping cart.

  • I Forgot My Password

    Go to “My Account,” click on the “Forgot You Password” link located under the account settings, and follow the direction to get your new password via email.

  • Changed Information: Email, Credit Card, etc.

    Updating your account information is easy. Just go to “My Account,” log in, change your billing, shipping, email information.

  • How to File a Return RMA ?


  • Open Your Retail Store

    • It's so easy to open your store with us!
    • Click on "Open Your Store"button
    • Type in Your First and Last Names
    • Enter Your Email Address
    •  Do You Want to Become A Seller/ Vendor.
    • Choose "Yes" 
    • Choose "Simple" product option
    • Enter the SKU number
    • Choose "Taxable Goods" Enter Weight in lbs (pounds no decimals)
    • Base image is the default image of the product.
    • Shop URL. Enter the name you like. This name will be used to display your public profile. It's the name of your store.
    • Enter Your Password. Reenter Your Password. Click "Submit"

  • Open Your Store B to B Wholesale

  • How to Add Products B to B Wholesale

    Login to your Parnter Account here:

    Then click on "Add New Product" link from left navigation of your account.

    Enter product basic information, category, price, inventory and image.

    (Please wait until image uploads fully, then you will have radio button option to choose main, thumbnail and small image).

    You have a "Save" button at the bottom of the product information button. Click on that button to save the product information.

  • How to Add Bulk Product B to B Wholesale?

    Login to your Parnter Account here:

    Then click on "Bulk upload" link from left navigation of your account.

    For bulk upload, you have to upload CSV data file and zip file of the image.

    You have to upload CSV data file and Image zip through a separate upload button and wait until they upload fully.

    After,  click "Verify & Save" button to add your bulk product with images. 

    The process might  take  some time to add bulk products to your account. It will depend on your file size.

  • What to Sell

    Dear Vendors! You are welcome to sell organic and life benefiting healthy products.Vitamis, suppliments, cosmetic and all health related items should be FDA approved and alined with their guidelines. We are not mediators between a given company and FDA. Please contact the USA FDA Directly at

  • What Not to Sell

    Prohibited Activities: You may not use the My Healthy Market platform for activities that present risk and or danger to the consumer’s health such as unhealthy drugs, narcotic and other harmful substances. You may not sell or promote items that would engage others in illegal business or activity: any kind of stolen products. You may not express and or promote racial intolerance, hatred, cruelty. You may not offer /sell items that may violate copyright or trademark, sexually focused services or materials, war related items- weapons, ammunition etc. You may not share personal information of the third parties, collect payments on somebody else behalf, offer fraudulent services or products.

  • To Complete the Order and Change Processing Status to Complete after Shipping Your Item Retail

    In Market Place Functions click on My Account> Manage Order History>Click on the order you need to update. In the next screen you will see Ship and Invoice buttons. Click on Invoice then Ship. Click on View Order. Type in shipping carrier USPS, UPS or other. Enter the tracking number. Click Ship. Click on My Order History. Your order now is marked as complete.

  • How to Add Retail Product ?

  • How to Create Retail Product with Options?

  • Our Fees

    The following non refundable fees are required to become our great business partners:

    1. Product listing fee of 0.20 cents for each item

    2. Product relisting fee 0.20 cents for each item every four months

    3. Transaction fee 5% on each sold item (retail and wholesale) businesses

    4. Transaction fee 3% on each sold digital product such as videos and other digital media

    5. Payment Processing Fees charged by payment gateway provider

    6. State/Country taxes (when applicable)

    All fees and all transaction will be made in the USA dollars to avoid potential confusions in terms of exchange rate fluctuations

  • How to Pay Retail Seller Fee?

  • Your Retail Sales Tax

    How to figure out your sales tax? The answer is rather simple! You should contact your local IRS office to find out what percentage of the sale tax you should be charging your customers based on the state and county your business is registered in. Some states don’t have any sales taxes, but others are very specific and strict about it. Once you find out the specifics of your particular state requirements, go ahead and implement them!

  • How to Manage Retail Shipping?

  • How to Manage Retail Return/Refund RMA Request ?

  • How to collect your state IRS defined sales tax from your customers?

    Once you set up the tax amount, it will be automatically applied to your listed items at checkout.

  • Keeping track of your sales tax:

    To keep track of your sales tax, you may use a specifically designed log, document, or a spreadsheet. Your spread sheet may include a list of all your orders, item title, item price, payment method, and the sales tax amount.


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